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Automatic Scrubber Drier Rechargeable

  • Rechargeable battery-type.
  • Compact, efficient, automatic ground cleaning, sucking dry all in 1 machine.
  • Our scrubber drier with our "Fresco" guarantees smooth hard floors to be deeply cleaned from all dirt, grease, and stains in one step.
  • Compact body and easy maneuverability.
  • Friendly operating interface, Fast & Extremely simple controls that help to clean large areas up to 1785m/h in 1 step. The ability to work up to 6h on the battery without the for cables helps in the efficiency and productivity of the team.
  • Size: 115*66*121 cm.
  • Net Weight: 130kg.
  • Voltage: DC 24V.
  • Battery service time: 6h.
  • Water Sucker: 76cm.
  • Brush diameter: 51 cm.
  • Motor power of ground Brush: 550W.
  • Brush Pressure: 30kg.
  • Power of Suction motor: 400W.
  • Washing Brush Speed: 155 RPM.
  • Clean water tank capacity: 40L.
  • Dirty Water Tank Capacity: 33L.
  • Battery: 12 V-150AH*2.
  • Charge Time: 8 hour.