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Double Bucket & Flat Mop Wringer

  • Durable Mop Bucket & Side Wringer Combo.
  • Designed With A Heavy-duty Spring.
  • The wringer allows you to effortlessly wring out Mops without excessive bending and pulling.
  • The wringer can be removed prior to emptying the bucket for an easier lift
  • Comfort grip handle for quick and efficient mop squeezing.
  • Easy maneuvering: four swivel casters.
  • Non-marking wheels will protect your floors from scratches.
  • Two Buckets that allow you to mix water & cleaning solution or switch clean water & dirty water without continuously refill.
  • Sizes Available: 18L, 25L.
  • Spare Parts Available:
    • Flat Mop frame & microfiber.
    • Aluminum Handle.
    • Flat Mop Wringer.
    • Caution Sign.
    • Caution Cone.
    • Square Bucket.
    • Stand.
    • Basket.